Wedding Flowers at Claridges – How We Interpreted Our Wonderful Bride’s Brief

Our delightful Bride for this wedding requested pale pinks, creams, silvers, and golds and initially described how she wanted a natural look for the flowers. Through the process, we the look developed to include elements that were quite clean and structured, as well as natural and flowing.

The bride requested that there were to be no tall flowers in the drinks reception, and the table decorations were to be low to see over during the dinner. Last but by no means least, our Bride wanted to have a wonderful asymmetric arch as a backdrop for the ceremony.

Initial impact was considered carefully – it is possible to look from the Ballroom entrance all the way in a straight line to the Ballroom where the stage was set, which can create the most incredible first impression.

So, this is what we created……

Flowers in Claridges Ballroom Reception

The legendary Ballroom Entrance of Claridges features a wonderful art Deco revolving door leading to a short walkway and steps. The colour scheme for the drinks reception was gold and pink, so we placed a mix of gold lanterns up the staircase, with masses of petals scattered around. Simple and elegant, and effective. This created a candle-lit vista to the placement table which was set in the Rotunda.

The round placement table was covered in a blanket of shades of pink roses, with columns of candles set in the centre. The placement cards were placed on the roses, which guests took as they passed the table. Around the rotunda we placed yet more gold lanterns, all helping to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

The actual drinks area of the Ballroom Reception was kept low-key florally – we provided pretty bowls of roses on the poseur tables. The main decoration was masses of fabulous balloons in gold and silver, pink, and grey, which filled the space wonderfully.

Flowers for the Wedding Ceremony in Claridges Ballroom

The ceremony was to take place in the stunning Claridges Ballroom – with a stage placed opposite the entrance and the chairs curved around either side, with an aisle in the middle. The colours in the ballroom were all silver lanterns and pale pinks and whites in the flowers.

Bubblegum Balloons hung from the ceiling – masses of silver, pink, and green balloons which looked incredible, and very smart. These are not your normal balloons!

The stage was set with our magnificent asymmetric flower arch, made in situ by our team of amazing florists. This created a stunning backdrop to the ceremony, set towards the rear of the stage, which looked amazing. The cream-carpeted aisle was lined with masses of silver lanterns and petals. It was a shimmering extravaganza and a feast for the eyes!

After the ceremony, the guests retired to the Ballroom Reception to have celebratory drinks, whilst the ballroom was transformed for dinner.

Wedding Dinner Flowers in Claridges Ballroom

Ballroom changeovers are a fun affair! It’s a very busy short period of intense activity in which everyone works against the clock.

We had a large crew on standby, as we had to MOVE the arch from the stage onto the ballroom floor and reset it at the far end of the ballroom, where it was to become the backdrop for the Bride and Grooms table. This was no small feat as the arch was in two pieces, stood over 10 feet tall, and weighed a ton.

The dining tables were then set with all low floral decorations of clear glass cylinder vases with sumptuous domes of roses, surrounded by masses of candles in glass sleeves, and cut-glass night lights. The silver lanterns from the ceremony were placed around the room.

All in all, the ballroom looked full and stunning, with the backdrop creating a focal point for the top table and the room, all the other table flowers throughout the room, and the squillions of shimmering candles creating the magical atmosphere. The scene was set for the night of our happy couple’s lives…


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