Choosing The Perfect Wedding Flower Packages For Your Big Day

Selecting the right wedding flower packages is crucial for creating the perfect atmosphere on your special day. At NB Flowers, we understand the importance of this choice and offer a variety of luxury wedding floral arrangements tailored to your preferences.

From stunning bouquets to elegant centrepieces, our flowers and delivery services in London ensure that your wedding venue looks exquisite and memorable. Would you like to speak to our expert florists and discuss bespoke flowers for your wedding? We’re here to help – call +44 (0)20 3202 0005 or email today!

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7 Tips To Choose The Perfect Wedding Flower Packages

1. Define Your Style And Theme

The first step in choosing wedding flower packages is defining the style and theme of your wedding. Are you aiming for a natural feeling rustic celebration, or an elegant and classic wedding? Your choice will influence the types of flowers, colours, and arrangements.

A rustic theme might include seasonal English and meadow style flowers and greenery, while a more classic wedding could feature elegant props, and cleaner more sculptured arrangements.

We will help create a cohesive look that reflects your personal style and enhances the overall atmosphere of your venue.

2. Set A Budget

Establishing a clear budget for your wedding flowers is very helpful for us when suggesting appropriate concepts. Floral arrangements can range significantly in price, so knowing your financial limits will help you and your florist make informed recommendation and decisions.

Prioritise which elements are most important to you. A well-defined budget allows your florist to suggest creative solutions that fit within your financial plan while still delivering beautiful, impactful arrangements.

3. Consider Seasonal Flowers

Consider seasonal flowers, as they can make a significant difference in both the cost and quality of your wedding arrangements. Seasonal flowers are naturally more beautiful, reflect the season, and tend to give better impact against cost.

For example, peonies are best in May / June, while dahlias thrive in late summer to autumn. Using seasonal flowers not only enhances the beauty of your arrangements but also supports local growers and reduces your environmental footprint.

Discuss with your florist which flowers will be in season on your wedding day to ensure the best selection and quality.

4. Work with An Expert Florist

Experienced florists bring invaluable knowledge and creativity, helping to design bespoke arrangements tailored to your preferences and theme. They can suggest unique flower combinations, innovative designs, and custom touches that reflect your personality.

An expert florist also navigates logistical challenges. They ensure timely delivery and proper setup. Their professional touch ensures that every floral detail is meticulously planned and executed, leaving you free to enjoy your special day without worrying about the flowers.

5. Match Flowers To Venue

Your wedding venue plays a crucial role in determining the appropriate floral arrangements. Consider the venue’s architecture, colour scheme, and overall atmosphere when selecting flowers.

For instance, a grand historic stately home might call for opulent, classical arrangements with an English garden look rather than tropical or exotic flowers.

6. Incorporate Personal Touches

Personal touches make your arrangements more than just decorations; they become a reflection of your love story and personal history. Share these meaningful details with your florist to create bespoke arrangements that resonate with you and your partner.

7. Plan For Delivery And Setup

Efficient delivery and setup are crucial for a stress-free wedding day. Ensure your florist provides reliable flower delivery services and can coordinate the logistics seamlessly.

Confirm the delivery time to avoid any last-minute rush or mishaps. Discuss the setup process in detail, especially if your arrangements require specific handling or placement. Some venues may have restrictions or specific guidelines, so it’s important to communicate these to your florist.

4 Best Romantic Floral Arrangements Ideal For Luxury Weddings

1. Hydrangea And Roses For The Ceremony Arch

Hydrangeas and roses create a classic and elegant combination, perfect for luxury weddings. Hydrangeas provide lush, voluminous blooms, while roses add classic beauty and fragrance.

This duo is ideal for bouquets, centrepieces, and ceremony arches. Their rich textures and complementary colours enhance any wedding theme, thus making your wedding decor sophisticated and romantic.

2. Peonies And Ranunculus With Aisle Of Lanterns

Line your aisle with delicate flowers like Peonies and Roses paired with lanterns for a magical effect. The soft glow of lanterns combined with the beauty of fresh blooms creates a whimsical and romantic pathway.

This arrangement adds a touch of fairy-tale charm, ensuring that your entrance is as enchanting as the vows you exchange.

3. Phalaenopsis Orchids To Complement Your Wedding Gown

Phalaenopsis orchids are the epitome of elegance and sophistication. Their graceful, cascading blooms add a luxurious touch that complements any wedding gown.

They can also be used in bouquets or centrepieces to create a cohesive look for your wedding. Their refined beauty and variety of colours make them a perfect choice for a high-end, stylish celebration.

4. Jasmine Trails And Lilac With Layers Of Candles

Create an intimate, enchanting atmosphere with Jasmine trails and lilac interspersed with layers of candles. Jasmine adds a delicate fragrance, while lilac provides a burst of soft colour.

Combined with the warm, flickering light of candles, this arrangement evokes a romantic, ethereal ambience. It’s ideal for evening weddings and enhances the magical feel of your special day.


Choosing the perfect wedding flower package is a vital part of planning your dream wedding. By considering your style, budget, and personal preferences and working with professionals, you can create beautiful and meaningful floral arrangements that blend in with your existing decor or venue.

At NB Flowers, we are dedicated to providing bespoke flower arrangements for weddings, corporate events, private residences, and more. We also offer delivery services across London.

Let us help you bring your floral vision to life on your big day. Contact us today to get started.